Lusto and the relationship with the forest

Lusto knows how Finns feel about the forest

LUSTO – The Finnish Forest Museum is a national specialist museum of forest culture. Lusto is the stronghold of Finns’ relationship with the forest and an expert in forest culture. Lusto’s tasks as a museum include documenting, studying and displaying forest culture past and present.

By forest culture we mean practices, perceptions, meanings, values and procedures related to the forest shared by individuals and communities in a social context.

Forest culture is interaction in which forests offer a framework for human activity and in which people form different practices, procedures and relationships with forests.

When we talk about forest history – something that our museum collection largely reflects – we look back, while forest culture brings debate to this day. However, it is only the forest relationship perspective that clearly points to the future.

Glossary of forest culture

“You can have a relationship with the forest without ever stepping your foot in the woods.”