Writings on relationships with the forest

A blog commenting on the branding of Finns’ relationships with the forest through Lusto’s activities was posted on the Finnish Nature League website in February 2018. This was an important opening for a debate, and we do hope that the debate on the forest relationship and forest relationship approach would continue. For LUSTO – The Finnish Forest Museum, the forest relationship approach is not a ‘project’ or a ‘campaign’ but the basic research framework and
The rustle of aspen leaves is the sound of summer. It’s not a proper summer if I can’t hear them. When I was a child, I lived near aspens and I often slept in the garden. I have planted aspens in the garden of my summer cottage; the wind playing in the leaves takes me back to my childhood summers. I can still remember how the strong scent of resin from the freshly-chopped pile of
Lusto – The Finnish Forest Museum has focused on exploring and promoting people’s personal relationships with the forest over the past few years. A report on Finns’ relationships with the forest was also recently published by Kantar TNS Oy, which showed that forests play an important role in people’s lives and that the relationship with the forest is often very pluralistic at the individual level and continues to evolve over time. The report grouped forest
I’m really happy that I grew up without computers and smartphones. I played with my friends from the same block of flats; we spent our days outdoors and in the nearby woods. Our favourite hobby was building huts and climbing trees. We knew those woods like the back of our hands, and we were never bored for a moment. Our close relationship with nature and forests were a given, as there were no attractions to

October 3rd, 2018

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