The Finnish forest and Finns’ relationship with the forest are much debated topics at the moment.

Me and the forest – Memory collection campaign about Finns’ relationship with the forest 15 Jan 2020–15 Oct 2020

The forest has always been an important natural environment for Finnish people: a place for living as well as the source of their livelihood and world view. More than 70 percent of Finland’s land area is covered in forest. The forest permeates Finnish history, culture and society.

Increasing interest in forests has stimulated a pluralistic debate, where different views about the forest can be aired. Are Finnish people still a forest-loving nation, or have they become estranged from it? How do Finns feel about the forest? What will be the significance of forests in Finland in the future?

A relationship with the forest is a living relationship that an individual or a community has with the forest. It is part of an individual’s identity and personal relationship with the environment that evolves through different stages of life. Identifying your relationship with the forest strengthens your identity and increases your well-being. Communities can also share a certain kind of relationship with the forest.

Making these relationships visible and understanding them promotes the interaction and coordination of different forest-related objectives.

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